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Joshua Williamson

Joshua started writing for DC Comics in 2009 and has been exclusive with DC since 2016.

His run on the Flash began with the hit DC REBIRTH and lasted over 100 issues. Joshua has been a part of nearly every major DC event, where he created a reputation as an architect for the DC Universe. Currently he’s writing DC’s next big summer event…DARK CRISIS.

Flash (2016)
Justice League vs Suicide Squad (2016)
Batman/Flash: The Button. (2017)
No Justice (2018)
Batman/Superman (2019)
Robin (2021)
Deathstroke Inc (2021)
Batman (2021)
Metal/Death Metal (2017/2020-Consulted on both events)
Infinite Frontier/Justice League Incarnate. (2021)
Death of the Justice League (2022)